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How Pro-Rata Samplers can reduce losses and improve quality control.

1.) Bad samples are a serious and common cause of lost profit. 
Whether taken by a hurried hauler using a dipper or by an inaccurate line sampler, non-representative samples mean you don’t really know what’s in your product. This can cause bad manufacturing decisions, lead to improper payments for product, and cause endless arguments.

2.) Wherever used, Pro-Rata Samplers give you better information. 
Pro-Rata Samplers are designed and built to solve specific problems that make other sampling methods unreliable. Their accuracy does not depend on product agitation, or on the abilities of their users. This means that our samplers can consistently deliver more accurate specimens than other sampling methods.

3.) Quality control starts with consistent, accurate samples of the product you receive. 
To make the best products, you need to know what’s in every transport you take in. Our line sampler is designed to give you this information under the broadest range of conditions. It even lets you reliably sample loads of raw milk that have been held overnight, without the trouble of pre-pumpoff agitation.

4.) Using Pro-Rata Samplers can increase your leverage in settling disputes over product tests. 
The accuracy and reliability of Pro-Rata Samplers has been widely established over the last 30 years. Extensive use and testing by the many of the largest and most successful dairy processing companies in the United States means that when you properly use our samplers, you and your suppliers can be confident that your samples are right.

5.) Pro-Rata Strata Samplers give you better samples of drums and farm bulk tanks, even if they don’t get proper agitation. 
Since it mainly samples the top-most layers, a dipper’s accuracy depends totally on whether the product receives thorough and lengthy agitation. Our Strata Samplers are designed to take top-to-bottom samples of your tanks. Strata Samplers are sanitary too, and meet the FDA’s construction criteria for use under the Grade A, Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.

6.) Pro-Rata Samplers save time, and are easy to operate and maintain. 
Better samplers are only going to help reduce losses if they work every day, with minimum fuss. That’s why Pro-Rata Line Samplers are easy to clean, easy to inspect, and can be used without any day-to-day adjustments.

Remember – your tests are only as good as your samples.