Many tests and 40 years of use in the dairy industry have shown that you can’t get a more accurate or reliable sample than the Pro-Rata Line Sampler takes. This makes it the first improvement you need to make to reduce your product losses and increase your quality control. It offers hands off, trouble free operation for busy receiving rooms.

Features that make the Pro-Rata Line Sampler a better method for sampling receiving and process lines.

  • Proven ability to collect accurate and reliable samples from severely stratified product – without any pre-pumpoff agitation.
  • CIP cleanability and simple low cost upkeep.
    Sanitary, non-invasive double valves protect lines from contamination.
  • Pressure discharge and wide range speed control gives reliable samples of many products under a wide range of conditions.
  • Designed to collect samples in virtually any bag or bottle you choose, including large refrigerated containers.
  • Automatic or manual start/stop control.
    Stainless steel construction with sterilizable EPDM diaphragm.

Applications – ideal for sampling fluid dairy and juice products anywhere they are pumped under pressure.