If you take your Pro-Rata (TM) Line Sampler apart for periodic inspections, be absolutely certain that you reassemble the sampler properly. Put the seated end of the valves in first and put the spring in afterthe long valve goes in

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Installation Notes for the Pro-Rata (TM) Line Sampler

Newsletter 1

  • Sampling options when you fill transports
  • Updating core sampling with the Strata Sampler

Newsletter 2

  • University Study Proves Accuracy of the Pro-Rata (TM) Line Sampler for sampling milk receipts
  • About Liquid Sampling Systems Inc.

Newsletter 3

  • How fast does raw milk stratify? - The effect of holding time and depth on the butterfat test of samples taken from unagitated transports.

Newsletter 4

  • How much of an effect does residual product left in the line have on line sampler accuracy?
  • Calculating carryover effects.

Newsletter 5

  • The Effects of Product Carryover on Sample Accuracy

Newsletter 6

  • Sampling Statistics Simplified : What the numbers mean and why you need to understand them.